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Mp3box Stafaband

Added: 2016-10-19 18:34:23 +0000
Mp3box Stafaband
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Mp3 Info :
- Title : Mp3box Stafaband
- Size : 33.69 MB
- Duration : 03:20
- Play : 702
- Edited : 2016-10-19 18:34:23 +0000
Tags :
- Happiness
- Its
- Up
- To
- Us
- An
- Augenmerk
- Screach
- Production
· Description
All Lyrics and Spoken word by Augenmerk All Live Drums by Adam Coppock All Guitars and Accordion by Michael Walker Music by Screach Improvised during the moment... Mixed & Masterd by Screach in The Purple Datsun Studio on the Fostex 8 Track - Happiness, It's Up to Us Happiness? It is up to us and we don't know it. We revolve ourselves. And it swings us. It picks and plucks us. And we blossom, fertilized, and we nibble in love. And we love, get into trouble, enjoy the moment – Sometimes when the sun bobs a million times on sparkling water, when a hand tickles off wish and longing and only the laughter remains, when loving moves the time so far away, when sex delights us and no „Afterwards“ and no „Before“ blocks the way, sometimes it is so easy. An instant. A way ... Chocolate mouth, cake on which children dance A night, farther than the end of the world - A forest takes us, a leaf grows into it's colors. Man and woman, in the inside remained child still in touch with the child's wish and the secret. Laughter breaks out, unexpectedly loud and powerful. Faraway in the gray is the land, that we deal with, behind veils and with bright colors coming near. Childhood land. Behind all small, that makes us cry, and above all big, that knocks us down and shackles, a child playing with the world ball winks at us. Sometimes it is hidden in a tower and we hardly hear it. And sometimes it comes out and the sun rises. Blue country, meadow-land on which we dance. See you on the other shore, throw you my word, and maybe you catch it, and blow until it flies ...

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File Size : 33.69 MB

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